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Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons


Throughout his long and varied career, pioneer and visionary Ted Nelson investigated technical possibilities of all kinds.  He checked reader service cards from magazines in a wide variety of industries, unleashing torrents of further information on products, services and academic research. 

Companies large and small, ranging from large names like IBM and Burroughs to short-lived startups, sent their brochures, catalogs and flyers-- mailings from aerospace, engineering, print/publishing and many examples of documentation from the early days of computing.

After looking, Dr. Nelson threw these in cartons, which have survived by accident.

These items are now being scanned in and presented for browsing at the Internet Archive. Whether for nostalgia, reference or research, this collection gives deep insight into the self-image and language of many companies, as well as the visual style of many long-lost aspects of the 20th century's industries.

For more information on Ted and his many projects, visit:

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More right-solid
Date Published
Videoprint systems - Image Resource 1980
Topics: videoprint, systems, demonstration, westlake, townsgate, hardcopy, ncc
Comtal Image Processing Systems 1975 (PAPER DAMAGED.)
Topics: image, comtal, brightness, color, processing, levels, spatial, series, data, digital, brightness...
International Apple Core, t-shirt transfer image
Topics: transfer, iron, ironing, slowly, jahoitahshthi, preheat, msr, unpin
Photomation, Dicomed 30 Image Display - Dicomed Corp.
Topics: dicomed, photomation, image, code, display, intensity, pictorial, crt, digital, corporation, image...
Pholsicon, Control-grid Image Reversal - National Panasonic, Matsushita Electric
Topics: image, pholsicon, output, matsushita, photoconductive, osaka, negative, response, positive,...
The Image Reflector, Vol II No. 1, Octek Inc.
Topics: character, image, video, font, octek, matrix, data, dot, operator, dot matrix, image memory, image...
P167 digital still image store - CEL Electronics Limited
Topics: digital, image, framestore, storage, store, maurice, genlock, yuv, ntsc, floppy, image store
Tactical Image Interpretation Facility, TIIF - General Precision, Link Group
Topics: tiif, intelligence, interpreter, army, photogrammetric, riety, expandable, equipment, ment, tion
IMI-3000 color video projectors - Image Magnification Inc.
Topics: projector, color, imi, remote, control, lines, crt, ntsc, viewing, video, projector head, remote...
Image templates for various industries - Alvin & Company Inc. 1964
Topics: template, size, thickness, guide, templates, symbols, ellipse, lettering, sizes, scale, lettering...
Intellect, image processing and synthesis - Micro Consultants Ltd 1979
Topics: video, store, frame, intellect, computer, input, picture, processing, output, hardware, frame...
Micro-image data distribution, Microcopiers, 1971 NMA Show - Scott, Reprographics Division
Topics: scott, microfilm, microfiche, rental, model, nma, microcopiers, feet, microcopier, scott model,...
Data compression, "this image takes 213 16-bit words", drawing of car 1971
Digital image processing of earth observation sensor data 1977 - George Washington University
Topics: image, processing, sensor, digital, program, data, techniques, systems, multispectral, nasa, image...
Multi-Ad Search image cataloging and retrieval system - Multi-Ad Services Inc.
Topics: images, catalog, search, file, expiration, capabilities, hypercard, cataloging, previewed, pirn
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Ikonas Graphics Systems 1979
Topics: ikonas, color, image, memory, hardware, nsec, graphics, video, animation, buffer, image processing,...
Metalphoto plates - Metalphoto Corp. 1964
Topics: metalphoto, plates, printable, box, stock, price, kit, gallon, econopak, image, metalphoto plates,...
Readers, keyboard printer, data transmitters - Interface Mechanisms Inc. 1970
Topics: model, tape, data, dual, interface, image, intermec, character, speeds, wide, dual image, desk top,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Printware 1440 Platesetter, typesetting, keylining camera, stripping and platemaking
Topics: printware, platesetter, image, trademark, imaging, processor, toner, laser, postscript, plates,...
Metalphoto Photosensitive Aluminum Plates from Metalphoto Corporation
Topics: metalphoto, plates, printable, box, econopak, stock, qsc, kit, qsl, dilutes, metalphoto plates,...
EyeCom II, picture digitizer and display - Spatial Data Systems Inc. 1979
Topics: eyecom, picture, processing, image, digitizer, graphics, refresh, spatial, display, alphanumerics,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Digital Video Camera
Topics: color, image, program, disk, microneye, print, exposure, computer, camera, cls, extended basic,...
Casy closed circuit television camera TK-204V by Ikegami Tsushinki Co.
Topics: lbs, transmitter, camera, orthicon, center, frequency, tube, transistorized, viewfinder, image,...
Fiber optics handbook - Mosaic Fabrications, Inc.
Topics: fiber, fibers, cladding, optics, optical, light, image, angle, mosaics, transmission, fiber optics,...
ATTO SiliconDisk Pro solid state disk
Topics: silicondisk, scsi, atto, pro, processing, processor, image, interface, data, baird, silicondisk...
Topics: metalphoto, plates, printable, stock, box, kit, qsl, econopak, price, qsc, metalphoto plates, side...
The Christian Century Foundation, subscription offer
Topics: video, vasulka, woody, electronic, screening, steina, tapes, rhys, music, garrett, video video,...
Scientific Instruments News, Vol 12 No. 1 May 1967 - RCA
Topics: rca, image, electron, contrast, phase, microscope, instruments, scientific, images, light,...
ZEISS Rollei-Mutars, wide angle lens systems
Topics: lens, focal, viewfinder, cameras, length, rolleiflex, optical, zeiss, image, mutar, focal length,...
Various audio-visual products - Zapel Studios Inc. 1965
Topics: frame, optical, color, film, animation, image, footage, wabash, aerial, chicago, aerial image,...
Visacom/23 visual computer system - DeAnza Systems
Topics: overlay, image, color, monochrome, display, processing, blink, graphic, software, bytes, image...
Graphic display terminal and components - Conographic Corp. 1971
Topics: conographic, conography, graphic, data, interface, display, fonts, compression, terminal, curve,...
CAT-100, S-100 color graphics and imaging video frame grabber - Digital Graphic Systems 1980
Topics: color, video, rgb, image, lightpen, option, gray, frame, display, formats, image memory, composite...
Fiber Optics Products, American Optical Company, Southbridge, Massachusetts
Topics: fiber, fiberscope, optical, fibers, light, optics, guides, clad, image, conduit, american optical,...
VSV11 and VS11 Raster Graphics Systems - digital computer special systems
Topics: display, image, color, mode, colors, data, graphics, memory, delta, unibus, image memory, display...
Quick processed bright displays by Xerography - Photographic Science and Engineering 1961
Topics: xerographic, proxi, plate, optical, projection, selenium, image, system, powder, display,...
Desktop Publishing, Vol.2 No.8, newsletter (partial)
Topics: postscript, hypercard, program, text, desktop, publishing, scanner, imagestudio, macintosh, image,...
Video tapes by Rudi Stern - The Kitchen, New York
Topics: video, woody, vasulka, screening, electronic, rhys, music, devyatkin, garrett, dimitri, video...
Heat-Developable Motion-Picture Print Film - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, March 1964 Vol. 73 No. 3
Topics: kalvar, density, film, exposure, image, diffuse, photographic, light, projection, sensitometric,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Macworld excerpt April 1990
Topics: enhance, program, ruler, macworld, image, masking, gray, digital, values
Bibliography on High-Speed Photography 1960-1964 - 7th International Congress on High-Speed Photography 1965, Eastman Kodak Company
Topics: streak, schlieren, framing, photography, image, flash, flow, optical, camera, electronic, high...
Varad, electro-optical light control, Cinetron 3D pictures without glasses - Marks Polarized Corp. 1968
Topics: polarized, screen, foreground, image, light, images, background, projection, screens, color, black...
AS-C105 Hand Scanner for Macintosh - Zanimas
Topics: colorscan, maccheese, color, dpi, image, scanner, animas, scan, edit, software, colorscan maccheese
Gerber Model 82 Electrographic Plotter 1971
Topics: plot, output, image, unequalled, lacement, multilith, outp, gerber, ication, odorless
Graphic display products - Raster Technologies 1981
Topics: graphics, model, raster, pixel, technologies, display, user, imaging, center, computer, raster...
Ozalid Projecto-Lite Overhead Projector
Topics: ozalid, platen, head, easily, optical, fresnel, condenser, portability, image, shelves
HPI Control-A-Show, slide to slide dissolving unit with built in sound synchronization
Topics: hpi, dissolve, projectors, projector, cord, remote, slide, recorder, image, sound, tape recorder,...
64 gray scale hand scanner for Macintosh, Mars 800-MAC 64 800dpi
Topics: scanlink, trademarks, lassos, enhance, mars, image, tools, text, mac, utility
Technical library book offer - Motorola Semiconductor Products Inc.
Topics: circuits, motorola, design, integrated, data, rectifier, circuit, handbook, switching, device,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Kodak Sound 8 Projector 1961
Topics: sound, kodak, projector, magnetic, movies, phono, recording, record, film, projection, kodak sound,...
Recordak Magnaprint Reader, microfilm reader-printer - Recordak Corp.
Topics: recordak, reader, microfilm, magnaprint, film, image, projection, sensitized, prints, paper,...
DB, sound engineering magazine, free copy offer
Display storage tubes - Westinghouse Electric Corp. 1965
Topics: westinghouse, voltage, volts, tube, tubes, storage, grid, deflection, photocathode, dissector,...
Focal Encyclopedia of Photography, book offer
Topics: color, photography, pue, encyclopedia, photographic, printing, lenses, lens, image, camera
Speedscanner color scanning solutions - Array Technologies Inc.
Topics: color, speedscanner, image, array, software, digital, scanning, dedicated, copystand, inquire,...
ACT!ON manufacturing control system - Burroughs Corp.
Topics: color, interface, ink, copier, copies, image, cartridge, colors, cyan, aduanced, color copier, low...
Display/Recorder model 1311 - Straza Industries 1967
Topics: straza, display, data, symbol, model, symbols, projector, optional, cathode, industries, straza...
TN2200 series automation camera - General Electric 1977
Topics: pixel, clock, lens, eof, eol, object, video, strobe, camera, signal, general electric, time equals,...
Company overview - The Rauland Corp.
Topics: tubes, rauland, electron, cathode, tube, search, phosphor, intensifier, devices, converter, cathode...
Catalog - Edmund Scientific Co. 1967
Topics: edmund, catalog, science, holograms, image, exhibit, imre, item, prism, penta, edmund catalog,...
Michael's Draw, Event One 1991, object oriented draw program
Topics: color, image, postscript, floating, macintosh, program, optional, cursor, text, buffers
Graphics display products - Raster Technologies, Inc. 1981
Topics: model, raster, graphics, pixei, user, display, commands, imaging, interactive, graphic, raster...
Diazo microfilm duplicating equipment - CBS Laboratories
Envelope from Integral Data Devices Inc.
Topic: orville
Xerox 6500 color graphics printer
Topics: color, xerox, cgp, graphics, hardcopy, digital, width, volt, alternating, copies, graphics printer,...
Graphics Receiver and Printer from United Aircraft
Topics: graphics, generator, alphanumeric, control, voltages, digital, data, facsimile, image, printer,...
Cameflex CM3 from Eclair International Diffusion
Topics: cameflex, film, volt, mounted, gate, cms, enables, image, engraved, turret, ground glass, cameflex...
Strobotactics, Vol.2 No. 2 Summer 1968 - General Radio Company
Topics: strobotac, speed, stroboscopes, shaft, lau, amalgam, hycam, multiple, vibration, radio, general...
18-24 microfilm reader-printer - Itek Business Products
Topics: viewing, film, image, print, screen, diazo, aperture, length, roll, prints, viewing screen
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Video Floppy Disk Drive FV-540 - Canon 1990
Topics: canon, video, color, image, images, scsi, indicator, dtp, japan, pict, signal indicator
ACM & SigGraph membership offers 1979
Topics: movie, film, computer, color, graphics, videotape, animation, microfilm, sandin, simulation, movie...
Magnetic deflection generator Model MDG IV - Sierra Scientific Corp. 1977
Topics: ramp, blanking, yoke, generator, signals, deflection, dual, mdg, retrace, adjustable, yoke driver,...
DP-203 digital CRT plotter - Geo Space Corp., Computer Division 1967
Topics: plotter, geo, intensity, plotting, alpaca, data, crt, ibm, image, space, geo space, integrated...
Harvard Newsletter on Computer Graphics Volume 3 Number 14-15 - August 1981
Topics: graphics, harvard, color, computer, jarett, newsletter, graphic, systems, data, digital, computer...
Two-slit spot analyzer, deflection driver, orthicon assembly - Celco, Constantine Engineering Laboratories company 1966
Topics: deflection, coil, celco, yoke, coils, orthicon, linearity, focus, ohms, yokes, focus coil, image...